ESPNW - Find your story

EspnW Find Your Story
Director: Luciana Jordão and Paulo Visgueiro
Executive Producer: Luciana Jordão
Producer: Laura Costa
Art Director: Paulo Visgueiro
Concept Art, Storyboards: Artur Rocha, Luciana Jordão, Paulo Visgueiro, Renato Sideris
Storyreel: Gabriel Pieri, Luciana Jordão, Paulo Visgueiro
Rigging: Kimberly Schneider
2D Animation: André Rodrigues, Andrew Gledson, Daniela Fischer, Emanuel Barroso, Felippe Steffens, Gabriel Jimenez, Karina Monteiro, Paulo Visgueiro, Thiago Barros
Compositing: Luciana Jordão, Paulo Visgueiro

Koi was invited to produce the Animation Package for EspnW branding campaign. With the idea of connecting with female sports fans with a platform dedicated to recognizing and celebrating them. Koi created the 2D Animations inspired by the woman and their stories with character-Driven pieces.

Client: ESPN USA
Creative Senior Manager: Tomas Casabal
Sr Promotions Producer: Blanca López
Producer: Michael E. Smith

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